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Dasha & Yoga Predictions This horoscope is calculated on the basis of longitude of planets in the birth chart of the native. Dasha determine the life pattern and various events of life relating to study, marriage, children, service, good period, health, wealth, name, fame etc. Various yoga in the chart formed at the of birth play very important role in life. Yoga may be good or bad. There are many yogas in a horoscope. Some are auspicious and some are inauspicious. However, there are certain yogas that determine your stay and travel in foreign lands. When the dasha or antardasha of favourable planets begin, the native gets opportunities to travel to foreign lands. In the present time, people who travel abroad are considered to be respectable and successful people. A lot of people desire to settle down in foreign countries to earn money. However, the desires may or not not fulfill always. There are times when a person wishes to travel to a foreign country. .

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