VEDIC ASTROLOGY is based on the planetary system in our Solar system and other Stars in the Galaxy.


Horoscope is a snap shot of Planets at the time of birth. In the horoscope calculations based on position of planets,their longitude,Rashi, Nakshatras,of planets on particular date, time and place. The Horoscope contain all factors of life according to planets. Astrology is the most popular and common term used throughout the world. Vedic Astrology is the most accurate and reliable science. The Personal Daily Horoscope describes your mood and state of mind on a particular day by interpreting a selected current transit to your birth chart. With our budget-friendly subscription , you can access all interpretations of the short- and long-term transits as well as the Love Horoscope which interprets the transits in terms of love and relationship.

Horoscope Reading

GOD IS ULTIMATE AUTHORITY. Horoscope reading is not a easy subject,the life of Astrologer spends on learning this science of planets. Horoscope reading depends upon the calculations of various factors, Dasha, Sub dasha, divisional charts varshphala and Horary Astrology which is based on the planets, nakshatara and knowledge of astrologer, Horoscope analysis depends upon accurate time of birth, date of birth, place of birth with other supporting information regarding family country state and situation. The role of planets ,nodes and rashies and nakhshatras has great influence on the Native. Generally horoscope is analyzed for Education, Health, Wealth family Marriage, Married life service, Business, Foreign journey , Foreign settlement, Children, Good and bad period in life, Obstacles in life in performing karma which are assigned by the God to do in this life. After reading the horoscope very simple and homely solutions of problems are recommended. The main purpose of astrology to provide counseling so that a person follows the righteous path of dharma and does not do evil deeds in doing karma in life.The biggest reasons of failed astrological predictions is undoubtedly the non availability of an accurate birth horoscope. Also role of unscrupulous astrologers who would ,for more monetary gains ,find faults and bad combinations in horoscope and create fear in the minds of peoples

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