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REIKI is very old concept since Rig Veda age. In ancient time yogi and rishi do sadhana by adopting diff rent methods to attain spiritual power or energy or we can say DIVINE POWER. The Divine that is present in us starts manifesting in our thoughts and actions. Generally spiritual guru gives blessings to people for any auspicious works. Then guru place their hand on head of the person and give blessings .Reiki healing is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also per-mote healing. The universal life energy is controlled and transmitted to the needy people for cure of disease or releasing stress. Reiki healing is a simple natural and safe method of spiritual healing in which cosmic energy is transmitted . What we can gets from Reiki healing : 1. Natural Healing of our physical body. 2. Mental healing for peace of mind, to control emotions, to feel emotions of attached peoples. Relax our body , mind, relieve stress and control depression. 3. Spiritual growth of mind , body, soul, power of god and existence of god.