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Married Life Predictions

MARRIAGE: The 7th cusp sub lord indicates ones marriage. If he is a significator to 2nd and 11th houses, one's marriage is promised. If the same 7th cusp sub lord is a significator to 1st or 6th or 10th his marriage is denied in most cases. If the sub lord of 7th cusp is a significator to the 11th house and sits in the 6th bhava, one should not think that the native is getting married. Marriage or a living together relation or romantic relation will happen to a person only if one of the sublords of 2nd, 7th, 11th cusps are one of the significators of same houses. f sublord is connected to only 7 and 11 houses then it will be friendship which will get physical too but no legal marriage as 2nd house (family) connection is missing.

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