Vastu Shastra Consultant 

Vastu Shastra is a very old concept. Locations of plots, directions of plot, construction of house, stairs, drawing room, bed rooms, kitchen, bath rooms, toilets, store, colors of gate's paint, furniture, water tank and others factors are to be kept in mind to do remedies relating vastu shastra. It all depends upon the time of the native. If a good dasha and good bhukti is running along with a Raj Yoga in the offing, Vastu rectification will bring in lot of success. If there is no Raj Yoga, there will be difficulties. Another frequently asked question is, will rectification of the house bring in prosperity? It all depends upon the time of the native. Vastu Dasha also studies with the help of Reiki.(Cosmic energy) Fees of Vastu Shastra depends upon the other factors.

NOTE : Every query will be answered and reverted with in 24 hours. ( Full horoscope reading with any number of questions.)

What is Vastu Shastra: Vastu Shastra is an architecture home science which provides us good energy for heath, Money for life, spirituality for good future, Piece for mind and long life. If your house, kothi, flat, Villa, Bungalow, shop, school, college, hotel, restaurant, commercial complex, mall and offices are designed according to vastu than you will never face the problems in your life. This is my 100% guarantee.

There are 5 elements in our body which balances our body energy level. If any element of the body will be less or high, than our body will face the problem and body will get ill. We designed the home vaastu according to 5 elements.

  • Agni Tatav (Heating Element)
  • Vayu Tatav (Air Element)
  • Jal Tatav (Water Element)
  • Prithvi Tatav (Earth Element)
  • Akash Tatav (Aakash Element)

Consult Vaastu - Follow Vaastu and live long life without any tension

Residencial Vastu :

  • East face kothi, flat, bungalow
  • North face kothi, Flat, bungalow
  • West face Kothi, flat, bungalow
  • South face kothi, flat, bungalow, plot
  • North east face Plot
  • North west face Plot
  • South east face Plot
  • South west face plot
  • Map Consultation Fees
    Rs.11,000    buy-icon
  • Map Making Fees
    Rs.15,750    buy-icon
  • Side Visit (Local)
    Rs. 5100 + Fare (Taxi)    buy-icon
  • Side Visit (In India)
    Rs.11,000 + Fare (Air)    buy-icon
  • Side Visit (Out Of India)
    Rs.51,00 + Fare (Air)    buy-icon

Commercial Vastu :

  • Factory and Mills
  • Shops & Offices
  • School & Colleges
  • Nursing homes and hospitals
  • Marriage Banquet Hall
  • Cinema hall & Petrol pump, Film studio
  • Restaurants and hotels (One star to 5 star)
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Malls and shopping complex
  • Farm Houses and land escaping
  • Colony as per vastu
  • Builders Buildings.
  • Map Consultation Fees
    Rs.51,00    $1100 buy-icon
  • Map Making Fees
    Rs. 22,050    buy-icon
  • Side Visit (Local)
    Rs 51,000 + Fare    buy-icon
  • Side Visit (In India)
    Rs.11,000 + Fare    buy-icon
  • Side Visit (Out Of India)
    Rs. 51,000 Per Day    $5100 buy-icon
  • Map Consultation Fees
    Rs.51,00    buy-icon

Consultation Vastu:

  • One Kundli
    Rs.2,100    $100 buy-icon
  • 4 Kundli
    Rs.5,100    $300 buy-icon
  • Match making (Kundly milan)
    Rs.2,100    $100 buy-icon

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